Tuesday, 13 November 2012

That's What's Up

Here is an adorable video to my favourite song from the new album by my current favourite band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (oh, have I already mentioned that I competely adore this band? I have?)

I'm still adjusting to life working full-time and having class on Saturdays, plus fitting homework in somewhere else along the way. I'm starting a new job next week (hooray!) for which I will have to start (and, thankfully, finish) an hour earlier every day, and dress smartly - a feat which I have never before had to achieve on a daily basis, and which does not come naturally to me! I'm trying not to get nervous about it. Actually, I haven't really had time to get nervous about it - where does the time go?

I've been ill a fair bit over the last few weeks, so some of my time has been (blissfully) spent reading. I finished The Great Gatsby and am now reading The Hobbit - chasing Hollywood all the way this year! I will not go and see the 'Life of Pi' movie, nor 'Cloud Atlas'. The books were just too magical and there will be no surprises. Speaking of magical books, I somehow never read the last Harry Potter book, and I am still impressed that I have managed to avoid any spoilers (I'm three movies behind as well). It's on my Christmas list, along with A Christmas Carol - another book that I am surprised not to have read thus far in life.

I tell you what movie I did go and see though: the new Bond.

Yep, this one. Fit.


  1. Thankyou for sharing this picture, it makes me giddy! xx

  2. that video is sooo great! I love it! Made my morning. Hope your feeling better and congrats on the new job! That is exciting!

  3. Woo! Hope you're enjoying your course work and like your new job- getting up earlier can be tough but I bet having that extra hour in the evening is going to be sweet. As for movies, I think I'm going to catch Cloud Atlas. I love David Mitchell and most fans of the book seem to think it was adapted smartly. Also, Skyfall- going to see that soon! Bond Blonde-off, omigod!

  4. I love, love, love Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and that video is ace! Congratulations on the new job, great news :-) x

  5. Good luck with your new job. I had a giggle when you said you still hadn't read the last of the HP novels and were 3 films behind.. quite the achievement really considering it's bearings on humanity! I've managed to avoid all of the Shades of Grey (I believe it's 49+1, yes?) and I'm also travelling back in time to Middlemarch. My favourite line thus far: "Sane people did what their neighbours did, so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them" ;-) Have a great week! xx

  6. Hey again... just watched the video clip..... crying happy tears. Just letting you now cos it's kinda magic this crazy thing called the net where AMAAAAZING people make music and AMAAAAAZING people make video clips and then AMAAAAZING people share the love .... ♥♥♥

  7. Haha the music video is cute, I love how they just play at the end :)


  8. I totally relate to your super busy life. I'm in it with ya, sister. If you have time, we'd love to see your sharp looks!

    I love you for ready Great Gatsby and the Hobbit. So good. You are going to love A Christmas Carol. It's really endearing and so much shorter than his other ones. I read it in a sitting once to my siblings when we were kids.

  9. Hi Eleni, hope you're still doing well at school and surviving the chilly winter! I just wanted to let you know am passing on the Leibster Award to you - I am sure you've probably had it before so if you have I do apologize, there's no pressure to participate though as I know you're most likely busy with your multitude of commitments. I hope you're well.
    Jo x

  10. Crikey Eleni! it's 7 months since you last blogged! Let's hear why please!!!! xxxxxx