Tuesday, 9 October 2012

October Update

I am aware that, while you were positively inundated with my posts throughout September, October has been comparatively quiet round these parts, so I thought I'd drop in to tell you what I have been up to. I wish I'd brought cake - I haven't baked a cake in ages.

The temperature's dropped and I got ill - just a cold, and not a particularly painful one, but a real energy-sapper, so my brain hasn't been working 100% for the last week or so. Despite this, I have a job interview this week and have sent off another application which I am hugely excited about. Plus, of course, I started my course. I already love it! I can tell it's going to be hard, but I am just so excited about it. I have already learned a couple of things about myself:

1. I am a chatterbox. I already know I am comfortable meeting new people and can usually find something to talk about, but apparently, when given free rein, I am an unstoppable chatterbox. "Chatterbox" - I like that word so much I used it three times.

2. I feel compelled to speak when nobody else is. It feels like a responsibility - why are we all wasting time sitting here not saying anything, when there's just so much that we could be talking about? (See above) In the context of the course, however, I have already figured out that just because people are not saying anything it doesn't mean their brains aren't working hard. It's nice to have a dedicated space where this is allowed to happen, and I can relax and just worry about the contents of my own brain, rather than whether everyone else is having a good time or feeling left out.

3. I get impatient with people who are not particularly self-reliant, as well as people who say "I don't mind" when really, they do.

Apart from that I've been reading more Carl Rogers and I've also started 'The Great Gatsby' on the side. It's such a joy to be back reading purely for fun - yes, 'War and Peace' was for fun, but it did start to feel more like an assignment from about two-thirds of the way in. Which is why it felt like such an achievement when I finished.

I've been itching to pick my knitting needles up again, but I've promised myself I'll get through my sock-darning pile first, now that the necessity for knee-high socks and woolly tights is once more upon us, and it would appear that only one or two survived last winter without a toe-poke or two. Luckily, I have discovered that a trip to the laundrette is the perfect amount of time to get at least one pair darned, and I am always proud to been seen out and about with my beautiful painted darning mushroom, which you may recall I bought from Vintage Jane last year.

I bought a new plant for my room and some furniture for the fish:

They were skeptical at first, but I think it suits them well. Next on the list is a bigger tank, poor things! They've grown so much since last time I featured them here. I love them so much, they really do deserve an upgrade!

My lovely London friend, Lucy, came to visit and we went to the Thermae Bath Spa - Britain's only natural thermal spa and one of Bath's biggest tourist attractions, and yet I hadn't visited before. I suppose I didn't really see the point and always thought it was over-priced, but my oh my, now that I've been I can't stop plotting my next excuse to be able to go back! I don't know why anyone would want to visit in the summer, but with pools which stay permanently at 33 degrees, and scented steam rooms in-between, they might have trouble keeping me away from the place once winter sets in. It was unbelievably soothing, and warmed my very bones (it was kind of a chilly day when we visited and it felt great, so I can only imagine what bliss this will be when it really gets cold outside). Of course, I took her to The Wild Cafe afterwards, so all in all it was a treat-filled weekend.

So, that's October so far. I've got another friend's visit coming up, plus a visit from my parents, so with any luck I'll be able to go back to The Wild Cafe at least twice. Another friend is hosting a beer festival this weekend (he brews his own) which, based on past experience, will be immense fun but somewhat painful the next day. I am also planning to attend the latest fundraiser for Bath Food Cycle - a brilliant charity which a friend of mine volunteers for, who pick up unwanted food from supermarkets and cook it up for the homeless. Pretty much perfect, right? To raise funds, they get a bunch of local musicians to play a gig, and they make cakes and canapes for us all to enjoy while we watch, all for a thoroughly reasonable admission fee. Last time I got to take home a shoebox full of leftover flapjack, and I won't embarrass myself by telling you how quickly it got eaten.

How's October treating you so far?


  1. Your post reminded me that we really must visit Bath again soon. We wanted to head up for the food festival but it's just not going to happen :(
    We love the Spa too - last time we went it was snowing which was fantastic.
    Good luck with the interview ... M x

  2. Sounds like a good start to October (except for the getting sick part- hope you're feeling better!). Your fish are so cute! Break a leg at the interview and please do update about the course- still the coolest that you're going after a career that'll mean something.

  3. I'd like to share the Liebster Blog Award with you, please accept with my best wishes. If you would like to visit my blog you can find all the details! x

  4. Ah, sorry you've been unwell, and good luck with the course - those toe-curling silences are difficult, aren't they?!

  5. I hope October has continued to treat you well. Your fish look happy, but I can imagine they'd frolic (do fish frolic?)in a bigger tank!
    I saw the Spa when I wasin Bath with a group of foreign students at Summer School - I really, really wanted to pop in and leave them all to their own devices!! That was a hectic day and the only good thing was that I managed to get into Long Tall Sally and buy some jeans!

  6. Good luck on the interview! This time we'll be doing a whole bunch of soul food for the fundraiser, so it should be awesome and you should totally blog about it! =D

  7. Haha, I am your opposite in the talking. In groups I normally don't speak that much. I do when I am with only a few people and I know them well. But usually when I am quiet I have a million thoughts in my head running around that consume me. I actually like that peace of mind, I rather not speak than chitchat ;) It's good though that we all have our own ways of talking and processing, that makes life more interesting!

  8. I had such a giggle when you wrote that you "felt a responsibility to speak when silence prevailed" - I feel EXACTLY the same way. Chatterboxes RULE ok? My father used to say ... "Angy ... you talk." and then he'd stop ... not finishing it off with the words "too much" - probably just to create a moment's silence whereby I'd verbally leap in again :-)